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Sidney Meets Ca Gov. Gavin Newsom

CBS News Clip  (7/30)


NBC News Clip  (8/1)

Sidney Honored Onstage in Normandy!


1.  Touching Clip of Sidney & Paul Onstage  (14 secs, CBS) 

2.  Meeting Presidents Trump & Macron  (onstage video)

3.  Shep Smith Live w/ Sidney  (Fox News, 6/6/19)

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The No Regrets Tour is offering everyone a rare opportunity to meet one of the few remaining WWII vets.

Sidney Walton,  who just turned 100 and is now one of America's oldest WWII vets, was born Feb 11, 1919 in NYC.  He joined the Army in 1941, nine months before Pearl Harbor, to fight Hitler and rescue Europe.  Little did he know in less than a year he'd be fighting to save the U.S.  He served in the 34th infantry, 8th division, where he rose to the rank of corporal.  He  returned to New York City in 1946, after completing five years of service.   He hopes that WWII, the most horrific war ever fought in the history of the planet, is the last world war.

Sidney regrets missing an historic moment to meet some of the last veterans of the Civil War.  To make up for that regret, Sidney, with his son Paul, is visiting every state capital to meet all 50 governors and greet millions of patriotic Americans along the way.  They spend one week touring each state.

On April 11th, Sidney and his family were honored to meet with the President in the Oval Office!  (Video).

"As the Greatest Generation passes away, here is one last opportunity to thank Corporal Walton,  a member of that generation who served our nation so nobly through its period of greatest need.  Their contributions to our nation and to the preservation of civilization itself should never be forgotten."  (RI House Resolution, 4/24/18).

Sidney celebrated his 100th birthday in New York on The Today Show  (video) and on David Muir's ABC World News Tonight (video).  He has also appeared on Fox & Friends (video). 


1.  4/24/18 - RI Gov. Gina Raimondo (appointed Honorary Brigadier General - video)

2.  4/30/18 - MA Gov. Charlie Baker (honored at Fenway)  - article/video

3.  5/4/18  -  ME Gov. Paul LePage -  video

4.  5/10/18 - CT Gov. Dannel Malloy - video

5.  5/18/18 - NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo - video

6.  5/24/18 - NJ Gov. Phil Murphy - photo

7.  5/28/18 - IN Gov. Eric Holcomb (and Indy 500) - video

8.  6/11/18 - NE Gov. Pete Ricketts - video

9.  6/19/18 - TN Gov. Bill Haslam - video

10.  6/26/18 - KY Gov. Matt Bevin - video 

11.  7/3/18 -  IL Gov. Bruce Rauner (honored at Wrigley - video)

12.  7/11/18 - FL Gov. Rick Scott - video

13.  9/25/18 - AK Gov. Bill Walker - video 

14.  10/5/18 - HI Gov. David Ige - video

15.  10/17/18 - WA Gov. Jay Inslee - video

16.  10/22/18 - OR Gov. Kate Brown - video

17.  12/11/18 - LA Gov. John Edwards - video

18.  12/17/18 - MS Gov. Phil Bryant - article/video

19.  12/18/18 - TX Gov. Greg Abbott - video

20.   4/26/19 - SC Gov. Henry McMaster - video

21.   5/2/19 - MO Gov. Mike Parson - video 

22.   6/24/19 - NC Gov. Roy Cooper - video

23.   7/29/19 - CA Gov. Gavin Newsom - video 

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Sidney Meets The President!


Oval Office Visit, 4/11/19

Honored at Dodgers Opening Day (3/28/19)


Heartwarming Moments from Kentucky


Moving Tribute to Sidney & Son

Set to song, "God Bless America" 


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Memorable Quotes

  • We owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. ~ Mike from Boston
  • Thank you for my freedom! ~Jacob from Tallahassee
  • You are a blessing to this country. ~Teresa Marie,  from Ellicott City

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