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Sidney Walton
World War II Veteran

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My name is Sidney Walton, I'm 99 and one of the oldest surviving WWII Veterans in the United States.

I've embarked on a unique, one-year “No Regrets Tour” throughout the country with my son and caregiver Paul.  This tour officially kicked off Wednesday March 14th at 11am in front of the WWII museum in New Orleans.  Since then I've been welcomed into the office of Louisiana Go. Edwards on Friday March 16th.  SunDay March 18th I was a special guest at the rodeo in Houston from 3 to 5 pm.

Mr Walton will then continue his tour making himself available to meet Gov. Abbott in Austin.  He will then be driven to Dallas for more photo ops (including with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly), and will fly to California where he will be an honored Participant in the 69th Annual Swallows Day Parade in San Juan Capistrano.


In 1940, the year before I joined the Army, I missed a chance to meet some of the last surviving Civil War veterans who had gathered in New York’s Central Park.  The opportunity never occurred again.  After living with that regret all these years, I decided to make up for it by spending twelve months traveling throughout the U.S. making myself available to everyone who would like to meet and greet one of the last surviving veterans of WWII.

You can see some of the places my son and I have been to and the wonderful people we’ve met on my Facebook page.    

The kindness of so many individuals we've met along the way has made it possible for me to embark on this exciting NO REGRETS TOUR!  My deepest thanks for your generosity!

Any donations to continue this tour until I reach the age of 100 would be most appreciated.  Please see the  GoFundMe link below.  

Thank you!

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