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Sidney Walton
World WarII Veteran

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Sidney Walton, 98 born Feb.11, 1919 in New York City, is now one of the oldest active WWII Veterans left in the United States. 

 His son Paul, gave up everything nearly 5 years ago to make the twilight of Sidney's years as amazing as he could.  With Sidney (now almost 99) still yearning for more including Normandy and Dunkirk, we have set up this page so that all of the wonderful people we have met along the way can discover more about him.

His Facebook page is gosidneygo 

Please take a minute to check it out and put in a friend request, if you would like!!

We also have a link on this web page to a gofundme we have set up for him.  So many people want to help this journey for Sidney, thanking him for his service in WWII and wanting to give back to someone who gave so much, so long ago, for their freedom today. This would be the best avenue to do so... any amount large or small will help this most amazing man with the full time dedication of his son continue the adventures he most certainly deserves. 

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